Are The Books About Fast Food Being Bad For Your Health?

Happy Meals Now Come With Books
McDonald’s expects to serve 17M books by Feb. 15

If apple slices in place of fries didn’t send kids into a tantrum in the middle of McDonald’s, the restaurant’s latest move just might. For two weeks beginning Tuesday, McDonald’s will be handing out a book with every Happy Meal, rather than the typical toy. Three mini Valentine’s-themed books will be up for grabs along with Michael Bond’s classic Paddington, reports the Los Angeles Times Read on

Do You Think The Academy Awards Are Racist?

The Oscars Snubbed Creed— and Failed to Break a 50-Year Trend

By Michael Harthorne, Newser Staff

The biggest Oscar snubs of the year, Aisha Harris at Slate argues there’s one that truly matters. “What’s really troubling is that the Academy missed out on a chance to do something it hasn’t done in more than 50 years and has really only done once: honor a film with a black protagonist that is not about the Black Struggle.” She’s writing about Creed, which was almost entirely ignored by the Academy when the nominations were announced Thursday. “It’s frustrating because the movie is entertaining, exciting, terrifically directed and acted—and if an overindulgent, hollow frontier film [The Revenant] can get nominated, Creed most certainly deserves to be there, too.” The only nomination secured by Creed, which has a black star and black writer/director, was for its white co-star. Read more…

The Pageant Loser Is Suing Steve Harvey

Miss Colombia to sue Steve Harvey for 5 million dollars for his error
For those of you that watched the Miss Universe pageant Sunday night, you witnessed the horror mistake made by Comedian and Family Feud host Steve Harvey. Harvey made a mistake by a…

Miss Colombia NOT suing Steve Harvey over Miss Universe flub

Contrary to social media, Miss Colombia — Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo — is not suing Steve Harvey for $5 million over his crowning her Miss Universe but later saying winner was Miss Philippines.
As Hoax Alert reports:

“It is a hoax published on a website, which is known for generating huge traffic with fake reports.” Read on…

Don’t Worry Steve, You’ll Be Okay

after your mistake at the Miss Universe pageant which wasn’t entirely Steve’s fault if his earpiece broke and he couldn’t hear anything.

After Miss Universe Flub, Conspiracy Theories Abound

By Newser Editors, Newser Staff
Posted Dec 21, 2015 11:21 AM CST

Maybe the only thing more unusual than the Miss Universe pageant crowning the wrong winner is that people are actually talking about the Miss Universe pageant. A sampling:

Pageant truthers: It didn’t take long for the conspiracy theories to begin, notes the Washington Post. One tweet with a common sentiment: “I generally don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but this is the most attention the Miss Universe pageant has gotten since, well, ever.” Others speculated that host Steve Harvey orchestrated it to boost his syndicated talk show.
Whose mistake? Harvey has now taken full blame for misreading the card he was holding, but USA Today reports that he initially blamed the teleprompter for giving him bogus information.
Look for the big print: Business Insider takes a look at the card that apparently confused Harvey.
Trump’s suggestion: Donald Trump, no stranger to pageant drama, suggested a solution on the Today show, reports the Daily News. “I would recommend that they go have a beautiful ceremony, which is good for the brand and good for Miss Universe, and do a co-winner. I think something like that could work.” But he couldn’t resist, in a tweet, gloating that this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened if he still owned the pageant.
Classy response: “Everything happens for a reason,” Read on…

Facebook, I like Your Site, But Is This Fair?

Facebook Is Blocking Links to Competing Site

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore, Newser Staff

The social media platform has garnered more than 4 million users since its 2013 inception, but Facebook would have you believe it simply doesn’t exist. Since late September, Facebook has blocked (and retroactively deleted 10 million) mentions of and links to from any of its platforms, including Instagram and Messenger, reports the New York Daily News. “You can post PornHub links on Facebook, but not,” Tsu founder Sebastian Sobczak says. And while he claims that the reason for the block is having a model that is “dangerous to them,” Facebook rep Melanie Ensign says it all boils down to user experience: “We do not allow developers to incentivize content sharing on our platform because it encourages spammy sharing and creates a bad experience for people on Facebook.”

While Facebook keeps all profits from ad revenue, Tsu keeps just 10%; the remaining 90% is shared between users who’ve created content and the chain of friends who invited said user. CNNMoney has spoken to a dozen users, most of them artists and models who have yet to make any money on the site, but they overwhelmingly agree that Facebook’s block is unfair. “I don’t believe that Facebook and Instagram want Tsu to go viral,” one user from Colombia says. “It would cost them a lot of money.” More on this story…

Eddie Murphy Cracks On Bill Cosby

Eddie Murphy Makes Fun of Bill Cosby During Mark Twain Prize For American Humor (VIDEO)

“Bill has one of these,” said Murphy as the crowd began to laugh. “Did y’all make Bill give his back?” “He should do one show where he just comes out and talks crazy. ‘I would like to talk to some of the people who feel that I should give back my mother f*cking trophies!” Murphy is only the fourth African-American comedian to receive the award. The previous was Cosby, who accepted the trophy in 2009.

This CEO Was Greedy At The Expense Of The Sick

Drug CEO Caves, Will Drop Price of $750 Pill

By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff

The drug company CEO called the “most hated man in America right now” by the BBC says he’s misunderstood—but that he’ll lower the price of Daraprim in response to the firestorm of criticism. “There were mistakes made with respect to helping people understand why we took this action,” Turing Pharmaceuticals chief Martin Shkreli, who raised the price of the toxoplasmosis drug from $13.50 a pill to $750, tells NBC News. “I think that it makes sense to lower the price in response to the anger that was felt by people.” The 32-year-old former hedge fund boss says it’s “very easy to see a large drug price increase and say, ‘Gosh, those people must be gouging,'” but that drug pricing is “very hard stuff” for people to understand. Read on…

CaseClosed2: Of course the CEO is hated and the hate is well deserved. What was he thinking to try to charge sick people $750 per pill up…way up from $13.00 per pill which is bad enough. People qho need medication and are poor, can’t afford paying the $1300 per pill without having to go without the bare necessities such as food to pay for the drugs they need to sustain their lives. It’s good the CEO changed his mind and reduced the cost per pill, otherwise, he would have been the one in need of medications.