Ex-Con Turned Model Kicked Out The UK

The former gangster was due to appear in fashion shoots in the UK CREDIT: GETTY

The former gangster was due to appear in fashion shoots in the UKJeremy Meeks, the man known as the “hot felon” was reportedly deported from the UK, allegedly after hours of interrogation.

Mr Meeks came to fame because of his mugshot, which many shared across the internet because of his good looks.

On his release from prison, the former gangster was given the opportunity to turn his life around and secured modelling contracts. Read on…


Meet Janet Jackson’s baby Boy

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet Janet Jackson’s baby boy.

More than three months after welcoming her first child with Wissam Al Mana, the singer took to her personal website and shared the very first photo of Eissa Al Mana.

“My baby and me after nap time,” Janet captioned the photo that shows mom hugging her baby boy as he yawns for the camera.

The special mother-son moment comes as the A-list performer continues to raise her child in private. Nonetheless, a source recently gave a glimpse into how the new mom was doing.

“Janet is getting her strength back and feeling well,” a source shared with E! News. “She has so much help around her, so that has alleviated stress. She just feels so blessed everything went well and her baby is healthy.”


Janet Jackson, Eissa Al Mana

Inmates Busted

These Inmates Had One Job … and Hid It in Prison Ceiling
Ohio prisoners tasked with recycling PCs used them to store porn, drug-making advice

NEWSER) – In what sounds like a combo of The Shawshank Redemption and Hackers, two inmates at an Ohio prison were busted for repurposing PCs meant to be taken apart for recycling purposes, then stashing the DIY devices in a prison ceiling, the BBC reports. Even though the hidden handiwork was discovered at the Marion Correctional Institution in 2015, details are just now being released, and accusations of a lack of adequate inmate supervision are being lobbed by the state’s Office of the Inspector General, per WCMH. Officials say the inmates used the PCs to apply for phony credit cards, make bogus prison security clearances, and download hacking tools, porn, and articles on drug manufacturing, among other things. The inmates, identified by Cleveland.com as Adam Johnston and Scott Spriggs, described their scheme to investigators.

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Mama June: “Take that ” How You Like Me Now?”

Mama June Seen for the First Time Since Size 4 Reveal —


Mama June Shannon is looking fit and happy after dropping down to a size 4.

The reality star showed off the results of her dramatic weight loss on WE tv’sMama June: From Not to Hot on Friday, and was photographed for the first time since the big reveal on Sunday, returning to her home in Georgia.



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Oh My God!!!

Dead man is cut out of the stomach of a seven metre long PYTHON
This is the incredible moment a dead man is cut out from the stomach of a seven metre long PYTHON.

A video has emerged of the moment a man cut open an enormous snake – to reveal another giant reptile inside.

The gigantic snake had been found by a group of men, who were curious as to what they would find inside after discovering its stomach was hugely swollen.

Using a knife, the man sliced the snake’s belly open to reveal…the man


Please, date my husband, Chicago author with cancer pens


An author fighting ovarian cancer who may not have long to live has offered up her husband in a tear-jerking essay: “If you’re looking for a dreamy, let’s-go-for-it travel companion, Jason is your man.”

Amy Krouse Rosenthal described her illness and her marriage in a “Modern Love” column published Friday in the New York Times. It didn’t take long Read on…


Please, date my husband, Chicago author with cancer pens

The Buffalo School System Got It Wrong

The only thing Kiarre Harris is guilty of if you call it guilt was wanting a quality education for her children. She decided do it herself by homeschooling her kids and when she went through the proper process to do so, she was arrested and her children were put in foster care and she has not been allowed to see them.  This could happen to anyone of us.  Shameful!

Watch the videos here   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kiarre+Harris


Donate to her cause so she can get her children back


Should OJ Get Out Of Prison?

This summer, O.J. Simpson is up for parole. How good are his chances of getting out of prison?

© Julie Jacobson/Pool/AP

As prison life goes, you could do worse than a stretch at the Lovelock Correctional Center. The inmates at Lovelock—1,680 when filled to capacity—are fed fresh fruit and permitted to watch ESPN. Each 80-square-foot cell is shared by two men. The facility is designated “medium custody,” so the inmates’ relationship with guards tends to the cordial, and violence is rare. Located in the windswept midsection of Nevada, an hour and a half northeast of Reno off I-80, Lovelock sits on a vast tract of land, allowing for multiple prison yards and sports fields.

Lovelock’s most prominent inmate is number 1027820. Controversial as it may be, his record indicates no prior felonies. It lists him as standing 6′ 2″, 235 pounds, with a “medium” build and “dark” complexion. Brown eyes. Black hair, though in the official prison photo, it’s more salt than pepper and appears to be in a state of retreat. The same manifest lists a series of aliases that includes “Juice.”

O.J. Simpson turns 70 in July. Incarcerated since 2008, he is due to go before the Nevada parole board as early as this summer. Depending on the board’s recommendation, 2017 might well be the year that perhaps the most famous inmate in America—the subject of an award-winning documentary and an award-winning scripted show two decades after his Trial of the Century—returns to society.


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© Julie Jacobson/Pool/AP