Fidel Castro Dead at 90

HAVANA — The nightclubs shut down early. Police officers and soldiers were on patrol as crowds of young people, dressed for a night out, spilled into the darkened streets.

Some had already been told the news, called by loved ones watching state television at home. Some were just finding out, their cellphones pressed to their ears as they absorbed what happened.

Others still did not know — Fidel Castro had died.

By sunrise, flags all over this vibrant, confounding capital had been lowered to half-staff. Young and old gathered in small groups — military officers in green fatigues, grandmothers mopping doorways, night watchmen finishing a surprising shift — and where there might have normally been laughter or yelling, whispers filled the void.

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Diana Ross Is Still The Boss

Earlier today,(Yesterday) Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jordan, and many others were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. Taking advantage of this star-studded event, DeGeneres managed to get everyone to participate in a very special edition of the #MannequinChallenge.

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Too Much Weed Can Make You Psychotic, Ya Think?

Marijuana abuse and psychosis have long been a question of the chicken and the egg: Does marijuana make people more likely to develop psychosis or are people predisposed to psychosis more likely to abuse marijuana? Researchers think they finally have the answer, thanks to a bunch of sets of twins. Read more…

Thanksgiving With Family After The Election

How To Survive Thanksgiving With Your Family Post-Election

 Avoid arguments this Thanksgiving by pivoting during conversations and giving compliments to the chef, an expert said.


Thanksgiving is all about coming together as a family to celebrate … except when it’s about coming together to argue about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Chicago social worker Thomas Colley, who works with men with anger problems, said during the holidays he sees more people struggling with their mental health because of the high expectations to be happy.

Some people are saying this holiday season is even more stressful than usual and are dreading Thanksgiving Day politics with their family members some of which they haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving Day and want the day to be pleasant

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After trump’s Win, Here’s What Happened to Omarosa

Oh Lawd! Tearful Omarosa Reveals What Happened To Her After Trump Win

Black Friends Abandoned Her: Omarosa, who is speculated to be named for a position in his coming administration, says that her black friends abandoned her because of her support for Trump.

“One of my bridesmaids, a woman who was going to be in my wedding in the spring, [stopped talking to me],” she says in a clip from the interview, above. “I was called every single racial slur in the book that you could direct towards an African-American by African-Americans,” the tearful Omarosa told ABC News’ “20/20.”

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The Trump Followers Are At It Again

There has been numerous instances of Trump followers attacking people for no reason. There have been students in a school cafeteria chanting to Latino students “Build the wall” and now this …

Teen Delivers Fake Deportation Notices to Classmates
At least one person is blaming Trump
A California high school student was seen handing out fake deportation notices to students of varying ethnicities a day after Donald Trump’s election win. “The students involved are all friends and the act was meant as a joke,” though Shasta High School in Redding isn’t viewing it that way, Principal Leo Perez said in a message to parents, per the Record Searchlight. “It goes without saying, we don’t think this sort of behavior is funny nor reflective of the culture at Shasta High, and behavior that is racially or culturally insensitive will not be allowed to go on at any of our schools,” says Superintendent Jim Cloney, adding he isn’t sure if Trump’s win was a factor in the stunt, “but I guess it would be hard to say it wasn’t.” SMH Read on…