Booker Wants To Be Governor Of New Jersey

By Associated Press, Published: August 24AP NEWARK, N.J. — Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a Democrat who leads New Jersey’s largest city, is mulling a gubernatorial run against Republican Gov. Chris Christie in 2013, a Democratic county chairman said Friday.

The chairman, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the county’s executive committee hasn’t yet been told the news, met with Booker last week. The chairman said Booker requested the meeting, told him he is considering running for governor and will make a final decision by December.

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CaseClosed2:I wonder what Christie has to say about Booker possibly beating him by being elected governor of New Jersey?Chrstie probably thinks he’s unbeatable.

One thought on “Booker Wants To Be Governor Of New Jersey

  1. Cory Booker wants to run for GOVERNOR. Look at what he’s done to Newark. He laid-off 167 well needed officers and over 200 Newark Residents who were long-time employees at City Hall. Cory Booker brought in outsiders who hold provisional titles to take the place of Newark Residents who hold permanent status. Crime increased, a deficit every year since Cory’s been in office and lay-offs. Cory Booker claims to outsiders he is liked in Newark; but Cory has yet to attend the hearing of the Citizens. He’s afraid to face the truth and hear the truth. It’s been 6 years and Cory has NEVER attended NEWARK CITIZENS MEETING. But the New York Times put the truth out there!

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