Don’t Hang Up

Don’t hang up… (©dno1967b)

Telemarketer Snaps After Man Hangs Up on Him

Calls back, says he has placed a bomb in house

By Kate Seamons, Newser Staff

Raise your hand if you’ve ever told a telemarketer “no thanks” and promptly hung up. Keep that hand raised if the telemarketer has then called back and threatened to blow up your home. That was apparently the situation in Mead, Colorado, last week, reports 7NEWS. “The telemarketer was explaining to him that he had won some money,” says a police sergeant. “The homeowner was not interested and hung up the phone.” But then the phone rang again, and the “pretty rude” telemarketer explained, “I’ve placed a bomb in your home.”

Police, alerted after said homeowner called 911, took the call seriously, going so far as to evacuate neighboring homes. No bomb was found, and they’re now trying to access the telemarketer’s phone number—which could be a futile search. The homeowner told police the caller “had a very thick accent” and may have been phoning from overseas. If that was the case, local authorities can’t do much more than alert the FBI.

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