This Could Prove Deadly

A real ninja, not currently patrolling movie theaters. (Shutterstock)

‘Ninjas’ Shock Filmgoers Into Shutting Up

Prince Charles Cinema in London brings in black-clad patrol

By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff

Next time you’re chatting at the movies, don’t be alarmed if ninjas—or people in dark body suits, anyway—swoop in out of nowhere. So far only the Prince Charles Cinema in London has brought in volunteer “ninjas” to enforce rules against chatting, seat-kicking, popcorn-throwing, etc, Slashfilm reports. But maybe US theater managers will want to make it a trend?

“The last thing I expected was two completely blacked-out people suddenly appearing by our seats and give me and my mates a warning to shut up,” says a patron. He admits It was “terrifying,” but “then I realized it was a bit of a laugh and a great way to make it clear what I was doing was having an impact on those around me.” Gregor Lawson, owner of the full-body-suit company Morphsuits, suggested the idea because of his own frustration with moviegoers.

CaseClosed2: In light of the recent movie theater shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, having people hooded dressd up as ninjas making people shutup could prove deadly especially if someone believes he is beina attacked and has a gun.This is not a good idea.

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