Neither Rain, Snow Or Dead Body

USPS Worker Ignores Body on Porch, Delivers Mail

Says he thought it was leftover Halloween decor

By Liam Carnahan, Newser Staff

– Neither snow nor rain … nor a lifeless body? A family in Denver is outraged after they say their mailman walked past a body to deliver the mail without stopping to help, reports ABC 7 News. Dale Porch was returning from a late-night shift last week when he collapsed on the stairs leading to his home. At some point, the family says, the mailman made a delivery, so he must have walked right past the body.

Porch’s adult son discovered him and called 911, but medics were unable to resuscitate the 46-year-old. The body was still warm, the family says, and they want to know if Porch might have survived had the mailman done something. The USPS released a statement saying the mail carrier is a “conscientious and dedicated employee” who thought the body was a mannequin left over from Halloween.

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