Ambassador Susan Rice Was Correct

UN Ambassador Susan Rice responds to criticism of her public comments about September’s Benghazi attack.

Susan Rice closer to becoming Secretary of State after top Republicans say they could change their mind over her Benghazi comments

Susan Rice is closer to being appointed Secretary of State after top Republicans including John McCain said they were willing to listen to her explanation for erroneous comments she made about the motive for the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Conservatives have previously accused the ambassador to the UN of being at the centre of a White House cover-up over the raid which killed four Americans on September 11.

But on Sunday McCain and his ally Lindsey Graham both suggested the controversy would not necessarily lead them to block Rice from becoming the country’s top diplomat if, as expected, she is nominated by Barack Obama.

The ambassador told the Sunday talk shows five days after the Benghazi assault that the violence was the spontaneous result of a mob angered by an anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube.

She said she relied on talking points provided by the intelligence community that were later discredited.

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