Hell Has No Fury Like A Man In Love With One Of The Most Beautiful Women In The World

Gabriel Aubry badly beaten during Thanksgiving Day fight,By Terri Schwartz

The photos of Gabriel Aubry’s beaten face that were first posted by TMZ have now made their way to the public and show that the fight between Aubry and Halle Berry’s fiancé Olivier Martinez was downright brutal.

Aubry and Martinez came to blows on Thanksgiving Day, though the cause and who is at fault have yet to be determined because both sides blame the opposing party. Berry quickly leveled an emergency restraining order against Aubry that will last for six more days, while he placed one on Martinez. Today Aubry headed to court to ask a judge to overturn Berry’s order so that he can see their daughter, Nahla.

For his part, Martinez walked away without any facial injuries. Aubry’s court documents for his restraining order claim that Martinez threatened him and told him to take the blame for the fight. On the other side, Berry’s lawyers say it was actually Aubry who flew off the handle and started the incident.

CaseClosed2: Wow, that was some beatdown. Does Martinez have an anger manangement problem? I hope he doesn’t physically turn on Halle, or her daughter.

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