Trey Songz denies claims he played a part in the death of Jovan Belcher’s girlfriend this past weekend….

Trey Songz Reacts To Murder Of Jovan Belcher’s Girlfriend

Via RollingOut:

Investigators, family, friends and the Kansas City Chiefs are still baffled by Jovan Belcher’s murder of his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and his suicide that occurred on Dec. 1.

According to recent reports from a family friend, Belcher and Perkins got into an argument after Perkins returned home late from a Trey Songz concert in Kansas City. After Belcher killed Perkins, he visited the Chiefs facility and killed himself in front of the GM and coach Romeo Crennel.

The Chiefs defeated the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in an emotional game that left players and coaches physically and emotionally drained.

Trey Songz discovered that Perkins was murdered after attending his concert in Kansas City and reacted on Twitter.

It’s unfortunate Trey Songz is getting the blame for what this coward did. He ultimately played no part in the sick actions of this monster. R.I.P. to the entire Perkins family.

The mom of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher will raise his orphaned infant girl in the Long Island home where he grew up.

Via NY Post:

Belcher’s West Babylon mom, Cheryl Shepherd, had been in Kansas City to help him and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, with their daughter, Zoe, now 3 months old, when she watched as her son fatally shot Perkins early Saturday. She called 911 as her son fled the house.

Belcher then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in front of his coach and general manager in a parking lot outside the team’s stadium.

“She’s taking it as anyone else would’ve taken it,” Belcher’s cousin Eric Oakes, 20, said of Shepherd.

“She just lost a son. We’re all coming together,” added Oakes, who lives with Shepherd in the renovated house where and Belcher grew up.

Read more at http://bossip.com/689550/trey-songz-says-he-had-nothing-to-do-with-the-tragic-murder-suicide-of-kansas-city-chiefs-lb-jovan-belcher-and-his-girlfriend/#xF8cMoBtsdhP06YD.99

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