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916807-6-20130110080637Credit Facebook and an industrious 8-year-old for reuniting Betty and Clifford Billadeau 65 years after the siblings were separated in the Chicago foster system. (Shutterstock

Boy, 8, Helps End Man’s 60-Year Search for Sister

And in Bosnia, Facebook helps sisters after 72 years

By Mark Russell, Newser Staff

Should you need proof that little kids are way more tech-savvy than you: An 8-year-old Iowa boy has helped reunite two siblings, with a little assist from Facebook. Betty and Clifford Boyson were separated 65 years ago when they were placed with different foster families in Chicago. Clifford embarked on a nearly 60-year search to find his sister, but found success only after young neighbor Eddie Hanzlin located Betty (last name now Billadeau) on Facebook using her maiden name, reports KSDK-TV in Missouri. The two plan to meet in person this weekend.

Meanwhile, two sisters in Bosnia had an even longer-in-the-making reunion, finding each other via Facebook after 72 years apart, reports AFP. Tanija Delic, 88, and Hedija Talic, 82, were separated in 1941 while fleeing their village during World War II. Talic’s son managed to find her older sister on Facebook by tracking down Delic’s daughter. The two sisters live just 125 miles apart, and plan to now look for their brother, who is believed to have emigrated to the United States.

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