What Do You Think Of FLOTUS New DOO?

917917-0-20130118080340In this image released by the White House, first lady Michelle Obama sports a new hairdo yesterday as she greets David Hall, one of eight citizen co-chairs for the Inauguration, in the White House.
(AP Photo/The White House, Lawrence Jackson)

Michelle Obama’s New Hairdo ‘Bangtastic’

First lady’s new look called youthful, chic

By Mark Russell, Newser Staff

Michelle Obama kicked off her new Twitter account (@FLOTUS) and her 49th birthday with a new hairdo yesterday, sending the Internet into a tizzy over her bangs. It’s a departure for the first lady, who usually sports a loose semi-bob or pulls her hair back tightly. But what do fashionistas think?
• “Bangtastic,” writes the New York Daily News, calling her new look “a chic, youthful new ‘do.”

• “We’re loving Michelle’s new look!” writes E! Online.
• “Super cute, Michelle O.!” is Vanity Fair’s verdict, noting her bangs descend from a lineage that includes Brigitte Bardot and Taylor Swift.
• “In an age of the overused term ‘style icon,’ Mrs. Obama proves again she is one of the few modern women to deserve it,” writes the Daily Mail.

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