Do You Want Your McDonald’s on a Plate?

Do You Want Your McDonald's on a Plate?

This Oct. 17, 2011, file photo shows the McDonald’s logo on a McDonald’s drive-through window in Springfield, Ill. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File)

McDonald’s to Test Serving Food on (Gasp!) Plates

Australian outlet gets OK to run 5-week trial

By Matt Cantor, Newser Staff

– An Australian McDonald’s has become the first to provide diners with silverware and actual plates on which to eat their food, which they can have hand-delivered to their tables. It’s all thanks to the couple that runs the branch, the Telegraph reports. When they served their parents in the classier style, other diners asked for the same treatment. The CEO of Australia’s McDonald’s—or Macca’s, as they call it—took a liking to the process and got the company’s worldwide bosses to approve a five-week trial.

That trial started Monday, the Illawarra Mercury reports, and so far, it seems popular: Customers have been asking staff to photograph them with their food. It’s not the only unusual thing happening at a McDonald’s in Australia—and it’s not the only thing American McDonald’s customers are missing out on. In Germany, you can now get a McMuffin made with barbecue pork. Japan, meanwhile, is announcing a “Big America” promotion that includes a Texas Burger: three layers of bun, one patty, bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce, and two kinds of mustard, BurgerBusiness reports.

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