Death Threats OnYou Tube Lead To Girl’s Arrest

Death Threats OnYou Tube Lead To Girl's Arrest

Two girls have been taken out of their New Jersey school after they were caught making death threats against classmates in a YouTube video. (Shutterstock)

7th-Graders Named 12 Girls to Kill in Video: Police

20-minute video allegedly spoke of classmates they wanted dead

By Mark Russell

Two seventh-grade girls in New Jersey are in trouble after allegedly making a YouTube video threatening to kill 10 to 12 girls from their school, reports WNBC News. In the 20-minute video, which has since been taken down, they boasted of being good assassins and wanting to stab several classmates, authorities say. “I have special killing thingies for different people,” says one girl in a clip obtained by WNBC.

The trouble started Tuesday when one of the girls allegedly wrote down the names of several students she wanted to kill and started reading the names out loud in class. One girl mentioned on the list fled to a bathroom, where she called her mother, crying. The girl making the threats was interviewed by a doctor and allowed to return to school the next day, but that’s when the YouTube video was discovered, and both girls were removed from school. “You can’t finish the video, you’re so shocked this girl’s actually talking this way,” says the mother of the threatened girl.

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