College Grads In Debt Have Minimum Wage Jobs

College Grads In Debt Have Minimum Wage Jobs

At least it’s a job? (Shutterstock)

Less Than Half of Grads Have Jobs Requiring a Degree

41% are overqualified for their jobs, 11% unemployed

By Kevin Spak, Newser Staff

The latest man-are-young-people-screwed statistic: More than half of those who graduated from college in 2011 and 2012 haven’t been able to put their education to work in the job market, according to a study released this week. Researchers found that 41% were working jobs that didn’t require a degree, while another 11% were simply unemployed, CNN Money reports. Of that 11%, 7% said they hadn’t had a job since graduating.

Part of the problem may be students pursuing less-than-useful disciplines; nearly half of the 1,005 respondents said they thought they’d be doing better if they’d picked a different major, and nearly two-thirds said they’d need more training to get a job in their chosen field. Many (42%) said they were planning to head to grad school, which suggests that current students are in for a rude awakening; a separate study found that only 18% of the class of 2013 is planning to pursue higher degrees.

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