Bacon On A Donut


– This photo provided by Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., shows the company’s glazed donut breakfast sandwich. (James Scherer)                                                                 Somewhere, Paula Deen may be giving a small cheer. Dunkin’ Donuts will on Friday introduce a new menu item nationwide: the “Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich.” It is what you would imagine, a glazed doughnut cut in two, with fried eggs and bacon between. The AP points out the obvious: This comes as fast-food chains play up their healthy items, which would make the Dunkin’ move a surprise—except that the sandwich isn’t that bad for you? It apparently weighs in at 360 calories, which is 30 calories less than you’ll find in the turkey sausage sandwich Dunkin’ recently introduced for its health-minded customers.                                                            

                                                                Best quote from the AP piece: It asked the company’s executive chef if a customer could sub in a variety other than glazed, such as a chocolate cake doughnut. His response: “I’m sure the store will do that for you.” Yum?

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