What’s Open What’s Closed This 4th Of July?

July 4th Shopping Guide: What’s Open & What’s Closed?

by Mary Fischer

Can you believe today is the 4th of July? Where did the time go? Summer is in full swing, and it’s finally time to take a day off, relax with our family and friends, and do a little celebrating with delicious food and fireworks.

But if you start getting a little stir crazy and need a break from burgers and dogs, a little retail therapy definitely won’t hurt. Of course, some stores and businesses need an Independence Day break too, so there are a few places that might be closed.

Here’s a rundown of what’s open on July 4th as well as what venues are closed (or likely closed.)

Open on 4th of July:

Target — How are we supposed to go a day without our Target fix? Yep, they’re open. Whew.

Walmart — Find all sorts of great summer rollbacks and clearance items on your Walmart run.

Kmart — Their huge 4th of July sale includes up to 50% off on summer clothing — you can’t beat it!

Major grocery chains — Duh. The 4th of July is all about food, and you know plenty of people will need hot dog buns and ketchup at the last minute.

Shopping malls — If it rains on the 4th, at least you can become a mall rat.

Kohl’s — Stock up on red, white, and blue clothes for the whole family on sale on the 4th.

Home Depot — Take advantage of their red, white, and blue savings event and spruce up your house over this weekend.

Lowe’s — Find plenty of 4th of July savings at Lowe’s, but hurry up, because this sale only lasts for five days.

Drug stores — Need to make a pharmacy run? Don’t worry, the major drug store chains have you covered.

Liquor stores — Though some may operate on limited hours or choose to close. Call your local store to double check.

Closed on 4th of July:


Post Offices

DMV and other federal offices

Libraries — though some may have limited hours, so best to call and check


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