No,It Wasn’t The Musician’s Fault

No,It Wasn't The Musician's Fault

An image of Lester Chambers off Facebook. (Facebook)

Musician, 73, Assaulted After Tribute to Trayvon

Woman arrested after jumping on stage to shove Lester Chambers: cops

By John Johnson, Newser Staff

A 73-year-old black soul singer in California got roughed up Saturday by a woman in the audience who rushed the stage after he dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin, say police. Lester Chambers was talking about the George Zimmerman trial and about to play “People Get Ready” when a white woman leaped at him, shouting, “It’s your fault,” witnesses tell the San Jose Mercury News. Dinalynn Andrews Potter, 43, was arrested on suspicion of battery, and the Chambers family is pushing police to file hate-crime charges, too.

“She had a crazed look in her eye,” says one of the musician’s friends who rushed to help him. Chambers suffered a bruised rib and nerve damage and is “sore all over,” according to a Facebook post by his son. “People Get Ready” is a Curtis Mayfield song written after MLK’s march on Washington, and Chambers’ old group, the Chambers Brothers, recorded a version in 1967, notes Firedog Lake. In his dedication to Trayvon, Chambers had said Mayfield would have written the line “there’s a train comin'” as “there’s a change comin'” had he penned it today.

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