Marilyn Told Jackie She Would Marry President Kennedy


This Jan. 20, 1961, file photo shows President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy as they attend one of five inaugural balls in Washington. (AP Photo, file)

Book: Marilyn Told Jackie She Would Marry JFK

Author says Monroe called the first lady herself

By John Johnson, Newser Staff

– It’s not exactly a revelation these days that JFK had an affair with Marilyn Monroe while president, but a new book is making headlines for adding a new wrinkle. The book, by journalist Christopher Andersen, says Monroe actually called the first lady and told her that Kennedy planned to marry her, reports AFP. To which Jackie is said to have replied, “And you’ll move into the White House and you’ll assume the responsibilities of first lady, and I’ll move out and you’ll have all the problems,” according to These Precious Few Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie.

“Point: Jackie,” writes Julie Miller at Vanity Fair, who likes the snark factor. Still, Andersen’s book makes the case that while Jackie knew all about her husband’s dalliances, it was only his affair with Monroe that worried her because she knew how huge the scandal would be if it became public. And Monroe seemed pretty sure she would be living in the White House someday, notes the Daily News summary of the book. “Can’t you just see me as first lady?” she is quoted as asking friend Jeanne Carmen.

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