There’s No One Like Mom

There's No One Like  Mom

Grandma gives birth to her own twin granddaughters (that’s not a typo)
1 hr ago

Susie Kozisek just became a grandmother for the third time, which would be a snoozer of a story save for the fact that she has given birth to all of her own grandchildren. The 53-year-old from Iowa has been the gestational carrier for her daughter, a process that involved harvesting eggs and sperm from the parents and then implanting the resulting embryo into Kozisek’s uterus. “I heard about the procedure on a talk show and decided to check out the possibility of me doing this for [daughter Ashley Larkin],” she said. Her daughter can’t get pregnant due to a medical condition. Kozisek’s newborn twin granddaughters will join their 2-year-old sister. But do they call her Mom? Or Grandma? Or just Mrs. Kozisek?


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