Chappele Gets Booed And Leaves Stage After 25 Minutes

  Dave Chappelle is no stranger to chappelle-freaks-out-over-planes-toilet-forces-landing.html”>meltdowns, and his behavior last night apparently drove that point home. Some 10 minutes into his act in Hartford, the comedian stopped telling jokes and scolded the audience for being too loud … then spent the next 25 minutes smoking and reading an audience member’s book onstage. Those in attendance were far from entertained. “Dave Chapelle [sic] just had a crazy heckle filled meltdown on stage”; others said it was a big waste of $50. Not everyone lays the blame on Chappelle, though. It wasn’t just ambient noise—Chappelle was being heckled and booed, perhaps for his new “laid-back” comedic style. When he finally left the stage after his contract-specified minimum amount of time, he told the audience, “I forgive some of you, but I don’t forgive all of you.”

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