Out Of The Wood Work

Out Of The Wood Work

MJ’s Alleged Lover Asks for Custody of His Kids


September 06, 2013

Christine Leroux, a woman who claims to be a former lover of Michael Jackson, has filed a petition for appointment of guardianship of Prince, Paris and Blanket on the grounds that she is the real mother of Jackson’s three children.

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In the paperwork filed September 4, Leroux, acting as her own lawyer, claims her relationship began with Jackson when the two purportedly met in elementary school as children, and continued into adulthood when the two allegedly became intimate.

“Michael used my eggs to create Paris, Prince and Blanket with the surrogate mothers he chose,” she claims in her affidavit. “I named Paris myself and ‘Blanket’ was my idea for a good nickname for my youngest son.”

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Maintaining that she fears for the safety and well-being of her children under Katherine Jackson and/or Debbie Rowe’s care, especially after Paris’ recent suicide attempt, Leroux is asking that they be remanded to her so that she can “establish a relationship,” “monitor their religious and academic education” as well as practice her own disciplinary techniques.

In her legal papers, Leroux also writes that she is open to both DNA and lie-detector testing to substantiate her claims.

One thought on “Out Of The Wood Work

  1. Is she opened for therapy also, because if she thinks she can get custody of “those children” she is dreaming. She can just get in line with the rest of Michael’s so-called lovers (the males: like Liberace’s ex. and that nut from London who says he gave his sperm to MJ, or the females, like Lisa Marie and Debbie Rowe who at least he married them, or even children whose parents used them and lied to extort money from Michael twice or that Wade Robson who backed MJ until he died then he turned on MJ on a dime, and maybe even a few zombies from Thriller for fun, and the claims just keeps going on and on !!!) who are all claiming to have given away their seeds and they have all sired MJ’s children, and they all now want to get MJ’s children to get his children’s inheritance! No women in her right mind would ever consider giving away her children for money and nothing else, unless money means more to them. This women to Debbie Rowe, need to be checked out for how much they were willing to sell their children for with that pathetic excuse of MJ wanted children so I volunteered my eggs, my sperm and my womb! Get help Lady, because just like the saying goes anyone who is their own lawyer has a fool for a client! I guess no lawyer was foolish enough to want to touch this crap!

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