Famous Pot Smokers

Famous Pot  Smokers

President Obama, left, and Jon Stewart are two of the six most influential American marijuana users, according a list published by a pro-pot organization. (AFP/Getty Images)

’50 most influential marijuana users’ includes several from N.J. as well as 3 U.S. presidents

By Jeff Goldman/The Star-Ledger

Two men with ties to New Jersey landed in the top 10 on a list of the the 50 most influential marijuana users published by a group pushing Congress to legalize pot.

Two women who grew up in the Garden State and graduated from local high schools also were recognized by the Marijuana Policy Project. So were a trio of U.S. presidents.

President Obama, Oprah Winfrey and former president Bill Clinton were named the top three most influential marijuana users. Former President George W. Bush checked in at 12th.

The New Jerseyans include fifth-ranked Stephen Colbert, No. 6 Jon Stewart, 29th-ranked Martha Stewart and No. 33 Susan Sarandon.

Colbert, a Montclair resident who hosts Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” said in a 2006 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that he smoked marijuana in high school to get to know people.

“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who grew up in Lawrenceville, joked in a 2008 episode, “Do you know how many movies I wrote when I was high?”

Television host and author Martha Stewart, who was born in Jersey City and spent most of her childhood in Nutley, once said in a interview on Bravo, “Of course I know how to roll a joint.”

Sarandon, an Academy Award winning actress from Edison, was ranked 32nd. She told the Los Angeles Times in a 1992 interview, “Cocaine didn’t interest me. Not at all. I’m way way back in the early pot.”

To make the list, a person must be alive, have tried marijuana at least once and be either a U.S. citizen or living in the country.

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