Ex-NFLer Who Watchd Teens Trash His House Invites Them Back

Ex-NFLer Who Watchd Teens Trash His House Invites Them Back

Former NFL offensive lineman Brian Holloway stands in front of his rural vacation home Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013, in Stephentown, NY. (AP Photo/Michael Hill)

Ex-NFLer Watches, via Twitter, as Teens Trash Home

Rounds up list of 200 names, invites them back

By Arden Dier, Newser Staff

A Labor Day party at an ex-NFLer’s Stephentown, New York, vacation home turned into a real mess, as hundreds of partying high-schoolers smashed windows, punched holes in walls, and graffitied the place, the AP reports. But it wasn’t just that Brian Holloway was upset by the $20,000 in damage; his main concern was that he wasn’t invited. His 19-year-old son spotted tweets about the party and told Holloway, who watched it unfold—by way of tweets and Twitter photos—from his Florida home; one photo showed people standing on a table that the former Patriots offensive lineman bought with his Super Bowl XX bonus. And the kids weren’t exactly secretive: The New York Daily News reports that some spray-painted their names on walls; others tweeted invites to the Aug. 31 party a full five days before it happened.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, “It’s not hard to identify who they were,” says Holloway. “We’ve got 170 tweets. We have 200 to 220 names already confirmed today. And that data is all going to the sheriffs.” That’s not the only place the data is going: He has also been posting it to a website dubbed helpmesave300, in an effort to get the teens to come forward, take responsibility, and adjust their behavior. He also wants them to come back, only this time it’s to clean up. “I believe that they can be turned around,” he explains, per Fox Sports, which has photos from the party and its aftermath. “If we do nothing regarding these 300 students, we will have missed our chance to take a stand for their future.”

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