Hospital Gave False HIV Diagnosis

Hospital Gave False HIV Diagnosis

Kings County Hospital Center. (Wikimedia Commons)

Hospital Gave False HIV+ Diagnoses: Lawsuit

Whistleblower: I’ve been mistreated and assaulted at work

By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff

Imagine being falsely diagnosed with HIV. Or told you don’t have Hepatitis C after you’ve just tested positive. Both are allegations made by a whistleblower at King County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, Gawker reports. Lili Hutchison, a 51-year-old lab worker, has been alleging misconduct on the job for more than 10 years. She even said a patient died after his blood reports were neglected at the hospital. “She tried to handle it on her own,” her lawyer told the Daily News. “She went through all the proper channels. On a daily basis, she’s being persecuted.”

Hutchison claims she suffered all kinds of retaliation, being transfered to another lab, denied training and promotion, and even attacked. But a rep for the city’s Health and Hospital Corporation said her claims were never backed up during an investigation. The HHC did find that her allegations had merit, and cited the hospital’s laboratory 12 years ago for “quality assurance issues.” But now, says the agency, everything is fine: “The people of Brooklyn can be confident that … the hospital’s laboratory complies with all relevant standards and protocols.”

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