Bump And Run Is Real

Bump And Run Is Real

Thieves bumped a woman’s new car from behind, then jumped behind the wheel when she got out to inspect the damage in a “bump-and-run”-style car theft Friday night at Newark Liberty International Airport, Port Authority officials said. Shown here is a shot of the airport’s Terminal B from 2012. Image/ Star Ledger

Bump-and-run thieves steal brand-new Range Rover at Newark Airport, authorities say

By Seth Augenstein/The Star-Ledger

Thieves stole a brand-new Range Rover Friday night in front of an arrivals area at Newark Liberty International Airport, authorities said.

A 62-year-old woman was driving in front of the arrivals section of Terminal B at the airport around 10 p.m., said Joe Pentangelo, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Her silver, 2014 Range Rover was bumped in the back-right corner by a white GMC Suburban. The woman pulled over to the side of the roadway to examine the damage and talk with the other driver, Pentangelo said.

But a man rushed into the Range Rover’s driver’s side, and sped off in an unknown direction, with the Suburban following, Pentangelo added.

The thief is believed to have gotten out of the passenger side of the Suburban before dashing into the Range Rover, Pentangelo said.

The woman called 9-1-1 to report the theft of her car, which had Pennsylvania license plates, the Port Authority added.

The car matches the make, model and color of a vehicle involved in a notable crime in recent weeks. Dustin Friedland was shot in the head and killed at the Mall at Short Hills on Dec. 15, after Christmas shopping with his wife. Authorities said the suspects were attempting to steal Friedland’s car – a silver 2012 Range Rover. About a week later, four men were arrested and charged with Friedland’s murder by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

Anyone with tips about the latest car theft at the airport should contact the Port Authority police, Pentangelo added.

CaseClosed2: Always be aware of what is happening around you and don’t let down your guard for ONE second.

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