Missing baby Found Alive At A Gas Station

Missing baby Found alive At A Gas Station

A police photo of Kayden Powell. (AP Photo/Town of Beloit Police Department, File)

Baby Who Vanished From Home Found Alive

Days-old baby discovered in tote bag at Iowa gas station

By John Johnson, Newser Staff

Little Kayden Powell is alive and seemingly well. Incredibly, police found the missing 5-day-old infant swaddled in a tote bag outside a gas station in Iowa this morning, reports CNN. Despite the cold weather, he appears to be fine, say authorities. Kayden’s mom reported him missing yesterday morning when she discovered his empty bassinette about 4:30am in their home in Beloit, Wis., about 200 miles away from where he was found.

The boy’s aunt is in custody, reports WLS-TV. Police say Kristen Smith had been staying at the house in Beloit but left overnight Wednesday. Police spoke to her by cell phone, and she agreed to pull off I-80 in Iowa, where she was arrested on an unrelated warrant. Police found baby clothes in her car, but the infant wasn’t inside. The baby was found more than 24 hours later at a gas station about a half-mile away from where she was taken into custody, reports AP. Details of the case are still being fleshed out.

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