Gas-Leaks Can Destroy Entire Buildings

How Gas Leaks Can Blow Up Buildings

Harlem explosion is proof of wider problem, experts say

                                                                                    By Neal Colgrass,                                             Newser Staff                                    
Gas-leak explosions are devastating enough to destroy entire buildings, as we saw this morning in Harlem—and experts tell Popular Mechanics just how it can happen. It’s not uncommon for underground pipes to leak gas that gets trapped under several inches of frost in winter and moves sideways, they say, often into a house or building. Gas travels “to the foundation and to every opening—water lines and sewer lines,” said NatGas Consulting President Mark McDonald. “If a foundation is porous or cracked, that is how it gets in.”
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CaseClosed2:If you smell gas escaping, call your gas company right away. They will come out right away and take care of the situation as my gas company did when I called to tell them I smelled gas escaping. Don’t wait around and ignore the situation. Gas escaping is  an emergency situation,so treat it as such.

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