Falling Tree Kills Man Sitting In His Living Room

A huge tree fell into the Maxim Drive home of 74-year-old Frederick Dalton on Thursday afternoon, crushing and killing him, police say.                                             (Hopatcong Police Department)


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CaseClosed2: I have a tree that is leaning in the direction of my home which is across the street from my house. Several years ago, I contacted my city hall to let them know about the leaning tree which looks dead and could fall anytime. I thought should the tree fall, it would fall onto my house. I never thought I could be sitting in MY house and the tree could crash into MY house and kill me, or one of my family members. I will call my city hall again and complain about the leaning tree. It is possible a strong wind could cause the tree to fall, so I need to prevent this from happening.

May 74-year-old Frederick Dalton rest in peace.


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