Boy Who Loves My Little Pony BackPack Bullied

File photo

School Bans Boy’s My Little Pony Backpack

Says it’s a ‘trigger for bullying’

                                                                                    By Evann Gastaldo,                                             Newser                                            
Another little boy is being bullied over his love for My Little Pony—but in this case, his school has taken controversial action. Grayson Bruce, 9, is no longer allowed to bring his My Little Pony backpack to his North Carolina elementary school, he and his mom, Noreen, tell WLOS. Bruce says the school told her son the backpack was a distraction and a “trigger for bullying.” But, she notes, that’s “like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape.” A Facebook page supporting Grayson has more than 30,000 fans, and more than 5,000 people
have signed a petition asking that Grayson be allowed to bring the backpack back to school       Read more/..     

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