Big Rats In Stockholm

Big Rats In Stockholm

Picture this guy, but waaay bigger. (Shutterstock)

Talk of Sweden: Rat So Giant It Terrified Cat

Rodent was 16 inches long, weighed two pounds

By Arden Dier, Newser Staff

Scientists’ prediction that giant rats could someday rule Earth hits a lot closer to home when you have a 16-inch-long rodent running around in your kitchen—and that’s not including the tail. Sweden is abuzz over a mega-sized rat dubbed “Ratzilla” (unappetizing photos here), which was discovered three weeks ago and grabbing headlines now after it chewed its way through cement and wood to enter a Stockholm family’s kitchen, where it terrified a cat and munched on leftover food. “It was right there in our rubbish bin, a mighty monster. I was petrified. I couldn’t believe such a big rat could exist,” Signe Bengtsson tells The Local. “I couldn’t help but do the old classic and jump on the kitchen table and scream.”

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