5-Year-Old Gives Techies A Run For Their Money

5-Year-Old Boy Exposes Xbox Live Security Bug

He got into his dad’s account with ease

By Newsy, a Newser Video Partner
5-year-old San Diego boy is giving the techies over at Microsoft a run for their money. Kristoffer Von Hassel’s parents say it all started when they noticed their son was somehow getting onto his dad’s Xbox Live account without asking. He showed them that when he typed in a wrong password for the account, it went to a password verification screen. From there, the tiny hacker hit space keys, pressed enter, and was suddenly logged in. Microsoft has since fixed the glitch and thanked their young helper. Newsy reports  Watch video here    http://www.newser.com/story/184859/5-year-old-boy-exposes-xbox-live-security-bug.html

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