Where Is The Concern When Black Women Are Missing?

The Islamic African Moslem terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped over Christian 200 children aged girls in Nigeria.

It was found out that the Muslim terrorist group kidnapped the children at a school and has forced them to convert to Islam and has sold them into sex slavery and child bride marriages for $12 each.

This is part of Islamic teaching and what Muhammad, the false prophet of Islam, used to do.

Sex slavery and child marriage is very common under Islamic sharia law and one of Mohammad’s practices. It is even in the Quran, and part of Koranic Islamic teachings.



Parents of kidnapped students march to demand action from the Nigerian government. CNN’s Vladimir Duthiers reports.

Would you like to know more?

Nigeria girls’ abduction: Protest march in Abuja (BBC, Apr 30, 2014)

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