Be Aware You Could Be Eating Cow Poop

Whatever the cow ate, people eat.


New Drinking Water Source: Cow Poop?

Technology turns manure into water that’s fit for livestock


A new technology could make a world of difference to struggling farmers low on water but rich in cow poop, scientists say. A Michigan State University team has created a system that extracts drinkable water—at least fit for livestock to drink—from manure, creating roughly 50 gallons of water from every 100 gallons of manure and reducing the poop’s environmental impact. “If you have 1,000 cows on your operations, they produce around 100 million gallons of manure a year,” biosystems professor Steve Safferman says. “About 90% of manure is water but it contains large amounts of nutrients, carbon, and pathogens that can have an environmental impact if not properly managed.”


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