Can Everyone Try Ebola Drugs?

Why Can’t Everyone Try Experimental Ebola Drugs?


Two Americans suffering from Ebola have been treated with an experimental drug, and they’ve reportedly seen big improvements. Is it time to try sending ZMapp to West Africa to aid the hundreds suffering from the disease? No, experts tell the Los Angeles Times. Drugs require extensive testing in order to determine whether they do their job safely, and offering ZMapp for widespread use could prevent researchers from making that judgement. “There’s a fairly good chance that it could do more harm than good,” an expert says, adding that some patients who could have survived on their own might end up dying if they use the drug. If the two Americans survive, the Times notes that ultimately the only “certainty is that the drug didn’t kill them.”

While Ebola is believed to be fatal in 45% to 90% of cases, the Times notes, certain traits appear to be associated with a higher chance of survival, LiveScience reports.


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CaseClosed:I am wondering why haven’t the people of Africa been given the Ebola drugs in record numbers? They are dying and the disease is being spread to others visiting Africa. There must be a solution to this disease. The people of Africa should have been treated as soon as the first case was revealed and since this didn’t happen the disease is out of control and will wipe out hundreds if not thousands of Africans and others at a time when the world is beginning to do business with Africa.


Liberia shuts hospital where Spanish priest is  infected, Ebola toll hits 932. Check out the latest news about  Ebola  in Liberia here…


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