Mike Tyson Aids Crash Victim

Injured Biker Saved by … Mike Tyson?

Boxer blocked traffic, soothed crash victim

A Las Vegas man injured in a motorcycle crash last week had to take a photo to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating the person who came to his aid: Mike Tyson. Ryan Chesley tells TMZ that after a taxi cut him off on a freeway, sending him flying off his motorcycle, the boxer and three friends blocked off traffic, ordered bystanders not to touch him, and sat with him until paramedics arrived. The boxer spoke to the injured man softly to keep him from going into shock, Chesley’s lawyer says, and when paramedics arrived, he “just left, like some kind of superhero.”

Chesley, who suffered injuries including broken bones, torn ligaments, and nerve damage, sent the boxer a….http://www.newser.com/story/196264/injured-biker-saved-by-mike-tyson.html

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