Sales Drop At McDonald’s

McDonald’s Unveils ‘Gourmet’ Plan as Sales Drop

Company’s sales fall 4.5% domestically

Wall Street gave McDonald’s a little kick today after the global fast-food emporium posted some of its worst numbers in over a decade, USA Today reports. The problem, oddly, may be that its food is too fast. First, the numbers: The company’s sales fell by 4.5% domestically and 2.2% globally at stores in business for at least 13 months, prompting its stock to sink almost 4% today. The domestic fall is its worst in same-store sales in more than 10 years; the global slide is worse than the 1.7% analysts expected. Now, the food: The tumble comes a day after McDonald’s announced a plan to widen its program to customize burgers, which currently exists at just four Southern California locations.

By next year, customers at 2,000 US locations should be able to choose higher-quality burgers at “tablet-like kiosks” and add gourmet toppings like grilled vegetables, eggs, and Read on…

Caselosed2: Could it be the unsafe ingredients in  McDonald’s food be the reason sales are down?  Check out the following article…

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