7 Teens Come Home Pregnant

7 Teens Come Home Pregnant From School Trip

Parents furious this happened to girls as young as 13 on 5-day Sarajevo jaunt

Parents are blaming the teachers; at least one health official is blaming the parents. But no matter how many fingers are pointed, it doesn’t change the fact that there are seven young teen girls who went on a five-day school trip to Sarajevo and then reportedly came back pregnant, the InSerbia Network Foundation reports. Twenty-eight schoolgirls from Banja Luka went to the Bosnia-Herzegovina capital to sightsee and museum-hop; shortly after the girls got back home, it was discovered that seven of them (said to be ages 13 and 14) were with child. Parents are enraged and asking what kind of adult supervision was provided on the trip, the Daily Mail reports, but Nenad Babici, the national coordinator for reproductive health, has a different take. Parental “neglect” is partly responsible for what happened to the girls, Babici tells InSerbia, as well as inadequate sex ed in the schools.

The number of underage pregnancies in Sarajevo is disturbing enough (31 minors gave birth last year, according to the Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo), but

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