Teacher Student Sex Is NOT Okay

Teacher on Leave for Saying Teacher-Student Sex Is OK

Sean Kane Facebook rant: Students at sex party should’ve ‘kept stupid mouths shut’

Two female teachers at West Covina’s South Hills High School were arrested on suspicion of having sex with students, and not only is their co-worker, art teacher Sean Kane, upset about their arrests—he apparently thinks teacher-student sex is OK all around, the Los Angeles Times reports. Kane, a teacher in the LA district since 2001, is on paid leave after a an alleged Facebook rant that said students involved in the busted sex party should’ve kept their “stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it”; he also referenced how teacher-student sex was an accepted thing back when he was a student, per the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. (The New York Daily News has what appears to be a screenshot of the full post; Kane’s account has since disappeared from the site.) A district official confirmed the post to the Times, and a spokeswoman tells KABC that the post demonstrated an “appearance of impropriety.”

Read more here…http://www.newser.com/story/201688/teacher-on-leave-for-saying-teacher-student-sex-is-ok.html

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