To Avoid A Stroke Limit Intake Of Alcohol To 2 Drinks a Day

More Than 2 Drinks a Day? Your Stroke Risk Is Higher

It only takes exceeding 8 ounces of wine for men and 4 for women to see the effect

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore,  Newser Staff
  Looking forward to kicking back a few beers during the Super Bowl? And on Saturday? And tonight? Here’s some news that could give those who have more than two drinks a day on a regular basis pause. Using 43 years of data on 11,644 same-sex Swedish twins, researchers report in the American Heart Association journal Stroke that “heavy” drinking raises one’s risk of stroke as much as diabetes and high blood pressure. And it didn’t take much to reach the “heavy” label, defined as exceeding two drinks a day. Those who average more than two daily saw a stroke risk 34% higher than those who averaged less than half a drink a day, reports HealthDay News.  Read on…

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