Woman Harrassed Couple Who Bought “Her” House

Woman Sentenced for Plaguing Buyers of Her Dream Home

Kathy Rowe says she was ‘devastated, heartbroken’

This May 2, 2006, photo shows Kathy Rowe in San Diego.
This May 2, 2006, photo shows Kathy Rowe in San Diego.   (AP Photo/U-T San Diego, K.C. Alfred)
  “When I walked in, it felt like my house … it’s almost like, you know, you hear bluebirds sing and music play.” That’s what San Diego woman Kathy Rowe, 53, says about the Carmel Valley home she bid on in 2011. Despite the fairy-tale beginning, however, this story does not have a happy ending—for Rowe or for Janice Ruhter and Jerry Rice, the people who ended up winning the bidding war and moving into the house. A “devastated, heartbroken” Rowe decided to start playing what she calls pranks on the couple, who had a young child and another baby on the way when they moved in. Rowe, who was recently sentenced for stalking, tells ABC News about her misdeeds in an interview airing tomorrow on 20/20. Among her pranks: billing the couple for $1,000 worth of adult diapers and magazine subscriptions they didn’t order, advertising a fake New Year’s Eve party at their home, and sending Valentine’s Day cards to neighbors’ wives with Rice’s name signed to them.

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