Clever Criminal

Inmate Escapes by Emailing Own Release Order to Jail

A crime of ‘extraordinary criminal inventiveness, deviousness’: prosecutor

Sorry, this isn't the guy.
Sorry, this isn’t the guy.   (Shutterstock)

A smuggled cellphone and an online scheme that even a British judge called “ingenious” allowed a 28-year-old inmate waiting for his fraud trial to escape prison, NBC News reports. Last March, Neil Moore was housed in England’s Wandsworth Prison—the same facility that once housed Julian Assange and allowed Ronnie “Great Train Robber” Biggs to escape 50 years ago, NPR notes—when he came up with his plan: Using the phone he wasn’t supposed to have, Moore created a fake Web domain that resembled that of London’s Royal Courts of Justice. He then emailed an order from a supposed bail clerk to Wandsworth detailing the OK for his own release, the BBC reports. He was set free on March 10, 2014, and his MIA status wasn’t discovered for three days. read more on this story…

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