Black Girls Rock And So Do Black Women

I watched The Black Girls Rock Tribute to black girls and women and it was nice to see black women being honored something that doesn’t happen too often in main stream media.There are many black women in The world who are doing extraordinary things. Today there are black  women scientists, lawyers, doctors, judges, engineers and a First Lady of the United States who has paved the way for more black women to become First Ladies. The First Lady is a lady as the title states. She is not a grown girl. Girl is what whites called black women back  in the history of America. and some  whites still do today. It was their way of letting black women know they were less than, invisible and did not matter. Black women had no voice.

As we should not use the N word due to its negative history, we should not refer to grown black women as girls. It is racist and should be buried in the minds of  whites who  continue to use it because they believe  they are  privileged  and superior, while black women are less than no matter their accomplishments, status and education. Black women should recognize this attitude and not feed into it without being aware of the origin of referring to grown black women as girls.It does matter what black women are called and it also matters what they answer to.

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