It’s National Beer Day And No Housework Day

Today, April 7, 2015 is National Beer and No Housework Day. People celebrating this day candeer beer and sit around all day doing nothing. But if they’re at work, they can’t drink beer and sit around all day. Their bosses arepaying them to look like they are working.

Where it all began:

On April 7th, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took a step toward ending prohibition and signed a law allowing people to brew and sell beer in the U.S., but only under certain guidelines.

As a young teen, I remember my grandma would send me around the corner from where she lived and get her a carton of draft beer and even though I was a minor, I was still sold the beer which was in a white paper container which poured from a pump in the store. Grandma sure loved her beer.

Today, beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, more than water, tea, soda or coffee.

Today is also National No Housework Day. In 2008 a study conducted at the University of Michigan found that the average married American woman does 17 hours of housework per week in addition to working 8 or 9 hours a day outside the home cause she’s a woman W O M A N, so today take your shoes off get a beer and don’t move a muscle. Tomorrow, your work will have piled up and you’ll have to work 18 hours to get it all done.

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