Don”t Try To Hide It, Own Up To It

Email: Affleck Told PBS to Hide Slave-Owning Relative

And the pressure appeared to work on ‘Finding Your Roots’

By John Johnson, Newser Staff

An email exchange in the newly published database of hacked Sony documents looks to be embarrassing for Ben Affleck and PBS. Affleck demanded that the show Finding Your Roots withhold the nugget that he had a slave-owning ancestor, reports the Boston Globe. The pressure appeared to be successful, because when the Affleck episode aired, it made no mention of the relative. The revelation is courtesy of an email written by host Henry Louis Gates Jr. to Sony chief Michael Lynton seeking advice on how to handle the situation, reports PageSix. Lynton’s advice: “I would take it out if no one knows, but if it gets out that you are editing the material based on this kind of sensitivity then it gets tricky.” Read on

CaseClosed2: Not only does it get tricky, it gets out that two public respected people are not truthful. Ben, so sorry you learned your ancestors owned slaves, but it is what it is, not that YOU had anything to do with it which is what you should have said when you found out. Trying to hide that fact now makes you look like a liar and one who should not be trusted. It also makes Louis Gates, Jr. suspect, because he sought the advice of another untruthful person. Why would Henry Louis Gates ask Sony chief Michael Lynton what to do? Wasn’t he involved in the Sony email scandal? One should be careful who one asks for advice.

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