What Would You Have Done

especially when you knew this coach had put his foot out and tripped a player in the past?

 NFL coach Sal Alosi has admitted to tripping a Miami Dolphins player during a game. Miami Jets Dolphin’s player Nolan Carroll was running along the Jets sideline when the Jets coach tripped the player. “I made a mistake that showed a total lapse in judgment,” the coach said of the incident. For many fans, this admission is too little, too late.

So after the above incident, coach Sal yells at a man formerly from the hood P Diddy’s son who plays football for  UCLA and trains with Coach Sal who didn’t believe he did anything wrong yelling at Diddy’s son during training, Diddy thought otherwise. Diddy wasn’t having it, lost his cool and attacked Coach Sal with a  kettlebell, making it an assault with a deadly weapon, which is a felony.Had the coach agreed to meet with Diddy in private to discuss the incident maybe the incident would not have escalated. The coach’s decision not to meet with Diddy pissed Diddy off who probably saw the coach not meeting with him as a sign of disrespect by a white man to a black man.

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