Operating Room Staff Caught On Tape Trashing Patient

Now, the public knows what could be said about us by operating room staff members when we are sedated.during procedures. This incident is a reason we my need to record what is happening and being said about us during operations. Had this patient not accidentally recorded what was taking place when he was having a colonoscopy, we’d never know what those in the operating room really think about those being operated on.. However, $500,000 would ease the suffering.

Let this case be a warning to others who trash patients during  surgical operations. The payout to  patients who  catch you on tape  could be costly.

Read the story and watch the video here…http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/anesthesiologist-trashes-sedated-patient-jury-orders-her-to-pay-500000/2015/06/23/cae05c00-18f3-11e5-ab92-c75ae6ab94b5_story.html

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