Good News Way Overdue

NYC to Do Away With Bail for Non-Violent Suspects


Thousands of New Yorkers accused of low-level or non-violent crimes won’t face the prospect of raising cash for bail under a plan that seeks to keep such suspects out of the troubled Rikers Island jail complex. The $18 million city plan, detailed to the AP ahead of the announcement today, allows judges beginning next year to replace bail for low-risk defendants with supervision options including daily check-ins, text-message reminders, and required drug or behavioral therapy. Bail has long been criticized by inmate advocates for unfairly targeting poor people. Read on…

CaseClosed2: This is good news for those jailed for non violent crimes with hardened inmates thus they becoming hardened and who rehabilitation may not work and recidivism is right around the corner. We should try to save as many people, especially young people, as we can from a life of crime.

What do you think?

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