Don’t Worry Steve, You’ll Be Okay

after your mistake at the Miss Universe pageant which wasn’t entirely Steve’s fault if his earpiece broke and he couldn’t hear anything.

After Miss Universe Flub, Conspiracy Theories Abound

By Newser Editors, Newser Staff
Posted Dec 21, 2015 11:21 AM CST

Maybe the only thing more unusual than the Miss Universe pageant crowning the wrong winner is that people are actually talking about the Miss Universe pageant. A sampling:

Pageant truthers: It didn’t take long for the conspiracy theories to begin, notes the Washington Post. One tweet with a common sentiment: “I generally don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but this is the most attention the Miss Universe pageant has gotten since, well, ever.” Others speculated that host Steve Harvey orchestrated it to boost his syndicated talk show.
Whose mistake? Harvey has now taken full blame for misreading the card he was holding, but USA Today reports that he initially blamed the teleprompter for giving him bogus information.
Look for the big print: Business Insider takes a look at the card that apparently confused Harvey.
Trump’s suggestion: Donald Trump, no stranger to pageant drama, suggested a solution on the Today show, reports the Daily News. “I would recommend that they go have a beautiful ceremony, which is good for the brand and good for Miss Universe, and do a co-winner. I think something like that could work.” But he couldn’t resist, in a tweet, gloating that this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened if he still owned the pageant.
Classy response: “Everything happens for a reason,” Read on…

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