Did Teen Hang Himself?

FBI Conclusion on Black Teen’s Hanging Death: Suicide, Not Hate Crime
One pathologist had suggested it was physically impossible for teen to hang himself

When 17-year-old Lennon Lacy’s body was found hanging from a belt on a swing set in a predominantly white trailer park on Aug. 29, 2014, the morning before he was set to debut as a junior linebacker on his football team in the tiny town of Bladenboro, NC, local police quickly ruled it a suicide. But Lennon’s family strongly suspected that he was the target of a hate crime, reports the Guardian, and not suicidal over having recently attended a beloved uncle’s funeral. The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP made a case to the FBI to investigate, and nearly two years later the agency now says that upon a thorough review of the case, including new witness and family testimony, there is no evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges. More on this story here… http://www.newser.com/story/226902/fbi-conclusion-on-black-teens-hanging-death-suicide-not-hate-crime.html

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