The Trump Followers Are At It Again

There has been numerous instances of Trump followers attacking people for no reason. There have been students in a school cafeteria chanting to Latino students “Build the wall” and now this …

Teen Delivers Fake Deportation Notices to Classmates
At least one person is blaming Trump
A California high school student was seen handing out fake deportation notices to students of varying ethnicities a day after Donald Trump’s election win. “The students involved are all friends and the act was meant as a joke,” though Shasta High School in Redding isn’t viewing it that way, Principal Leo Perez said in a message to parents, per the Record Searchlight. “It goes without saying, we don’t think this sort of behavior is funny nor reflective of the culture at Shasta High, and behavior that is racially or culturally insensitive will not be allowed to go on at any of our schools,” says Superintendent Jim Cloney, adding he isn’t sure if Trump’s win was a factor in the stunt, “but I guess it would be hard to say it wasn’t.” SMH Read on…

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